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"The Plague" by Ken Liu

Very short story, quick read and excellent.

Then here is a link to "the Sounds of Old Earth", by Mathew Kressel :

Bittersweet, a short story that does what a short story should, like the one above it--short, to the point, and yet somehow encompassing a whole world.

You can find some great links to free short stories, novellas etc. at :
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X Files- Crash (insomnia sleep being tir

Updatingly along

Downtown Abbey, Game of Thrones and Californication

Mental: mostly a 4-6 last couple of weeks. Decent to okay!

Physical: Improving.

Observation: If this is an oligarchy, what the hell am I going to do to help representation even by a very small portion so I can help others do their bit?

I do not want to live in an oligarchy, I see not one bit of that that seems American or positive to me.
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Updatingly along

I think this time it might actually work-which means posting to my journal, and yay me.

I have had a mini-staycation, and feel 40% rested.

Mentally I feel a bit (again, around 40%) recouped, and would also hope I have a little more energy.

GOT, 1st season, disc 4
DA, 3rd season, disc 1

Finished Jasper Fforde's first 2 Thursday Next novels.
Starting Boneshaker by Cherrie Priest.

I am doing some colourlovers palettes again, and might share a few of the best I did in the last few weeks. It's very promising, having enough energy to do a little bit of creativity!

I wonder if this will work?

I do not know if this will delete my previous entry or not...I am doing an odd work-around, so might work...might not.


Mental: Improving, having quite a few decent to good days!

Physical: Fair not great but getting a lot better.

I have finished The Song of Ice and Fire books so far. Looking forward to reading the rest as they are released. I love these books, I finished the series in around 6 weeks ...

I am now going through Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series...finished The Eyre Affair now am finishing Lost in a Good Book

Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey---do not make me choose which one I like "most", but DA is running slightly ahead.
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Got a nudge

from sweeetpeaches.
Thanks for the nudge, I appreciate it.

So, I am stopping by for what might be a visit or maybe a longer stay, restoring of my blog, or just an update.

Reasons for my absence:
My LJ was acting up and not letting me publish/post etc. so I gave up in frustration.

My body didn't like my being on the computer post working for 7-8 hours, so I decided to cut down. I had bad insomnia due to physical issues ( still am, actually) so I stayed away from the computer.

So, I tried to have a more of dreamwidth presence, but my computer was acting oddly, my energy was way down, and somehow it didn't "work" for me.

I got out of the habit of writing. And blogging, so I honestly didn't realize that I hadn't been here in 4 months!

I might post a couple of more items tonight. Might start posting again if my body doesn't protest too much.
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No room for XX Chromosome in Hollywood?

I have to start watching American Horror Story---the above article mentions a few good roles for women over 55.

She mentions a few ---too few--- and the the article is so damned short!

There are so many juicy stories to be told about women over 55.
Most likely if you are a woman, I think 83% are mom's well...there is a few stories about being a mom...mostly of teens and adults. There are so many stories not told.
Then there are the varieties of being 55 and over...some age slowly til they are in their early 70's...some aging fast after menopause...
Some people get better, some get worse, some get stuck...some get left behind or change incredibly.
Some careers peak from 50-65.
Some careers are discovered after 55.
Some flail.

Some have jobs that fulfill, some jobs have sucked the soul and energy of women over 55.
Some jobs start to exhaust the workers in their 50's, what about the fatigue that sets in ?

The aging process, the change from motherhood to being a grandmother, and then again, the 17% or so ??who aren't mothers or grandmothers...what about me!
The different trajectories our relationships take...divorce...widowhood, second or third marriages, at long last being able to marry a lifelong partner if you are a lesbian and of course, there are the stories of the women--like me--who are single and haven't ever been married or partnered.

So many back stories about real women...over 55, of the full spectrum of life as a woman! from grandiose Oprahs and Hillaries ( who do of course work for a living, but I meant famous and wealthy women...)to working women, to impoverishment--that may come for the first time in a lifetime after 55 !!

So many stories, such a small representation.

The world closes in

This is an interesting article, and I certainly agree with "most" of it.

I doubt if a violent solution is, a solution.

However, to have that immense a disconnect between conscience and being able to see a living wage is clearly sustainable for the corporations who scream foul at such a notion--especially with the Walton heirs!

And honestly they could make a median livable wage-- which would be starting at "around" 15.00 an hour. This doesn't help most people in a lot of the west coast, Hawaii, Alaska, New York and some other states...but for a lot of the states in between-- Arkansas, Louisiana to name a few, it would mean a lot.

To be so intensely wealthy, and not even give Holiday Bonuses to your employees seem cruel, and oblivious.

It has consequences, this greed and heartlessness. It shows up everyday, in so many ways. And the accumulation of all this greed I believe is going to make a sea change in society, although I do not know if it will be for a turn for the worst for the next 10-30 years, then a severe crash to the bottom, then maybe by mid century or later, something different, something better... or a sharper change for the better "sometime" in the 2020's.

So I am increasing the signal on this article.

(no subject)

Physical: still having some problems that are keeping me away from too much time at the computer. Physical rating: 2.5 I am dealing and coping, but it is probably fall/winter project, so I'll be scarce here for quite a while.

Mental: I think I am on 2.5-3 point level, fair to middling, sometimes almost good.

Emotional: I still feel isolated, lonely, but because of other items in my life, I have to keep on keeping on, so I feel I am between 2.5-3.0 ...

Cultural: I am consuming CJ Cherryh's Foreigner series. So rich in worldbuilding, character building, very enveloping, intriguing and faaast reading!

I love Luther and alas, I have seen that there will be no more seasons...but hey, The Idris shall be in many many movies from now until his 99th birthday, I absolutely predict.
I look forward to seeing him in movies and some really good to great tv shows and maybe take over the world.

Scandal is amazingly wonderful and I suggest this as a political thriller/soap opera/ mystery procedural and I love Kerry Washington/Olivia Pope's clothes. Very fast moving, and intense. I am on season 2.

I am also watching Revolution and am beginning to appreciate it a little more. The second 4 episodes, season 1 are decent (albeit a little trope ridden and slight predictable--but they did surprise me here and there...)...

The weather has turned fallish- nights are cool to cold, and days are rainy , but not that chilly, actually...we will probably still have a few 70something days between here and Christmas, but not too many.

I am changing out my icons, all of them! I wish I had a few more to put up--but since I am updating 1-3 times a week---if that---I cannot think of a good reason for the expense.

Updatingly along

Physical--this year I have had a few more physical problems then I have ever had! Yikes. I'd say physically I am about a 2, but I am doing things to rectify that.

Mental-- I seem to have lost 80% of my creative urges, and would like to find them. This whole slipping away of my creativity is disturbing, and again, hope to kickstart something in gear. So mental, again, about a 2.

Emotional? Hmmmph. I am doing okay, but would like to feel better, be less isolated, and feel like doing something creative.
So emotionally, maybe a 2.5

Reading books does help.

I am currently reading Kim Stanley Robinson's The Years of Rice and Salt about an Alternate History scenario where around 90% of Europe dies during the Black Plague years.

I am also voraciously reading CJ Cherryh's The Foreigner series.

Because of my physical problems, I just haven't felt like sitting at my PC for long. Thus, the fairly light blogging here.